I’m not alone!

I’ve always had a great family and good friends for some reason for the longest time I felt so alone. I no longer knew how to open up about me or what I’m feeling.

To be honest I didn’t even know was feeling.

All I knew was that I was lonely.

I mention something to my dad and he told me to write down everything I want and prey about it. So, I did. While writing, I realised I wanted a friend. a Sister. Someone to Love Me.

I didn’t want anyone to think I was an attention seaker so I kept smiling. Always.

When I was alone I just slept or blasted music because I didn’t want to hear my thought.

I walked Five months without god and they pass by with me feeling lost and as though i wasn’t able to trust anyone.

To be honest I didn’t want to live any more.

( I wasn’t depressed.

I know I wasn’t.

I was just lonely. )

And Because I felt alone I wanted to die. but there was no way I was going to do that to my mum or dad.

The 21st of January youth camp began.

I really didn’t want to be there.

But while I was there, I met a girl. She’s not like anyone that I’d met before.

She thinks differently to everyone. When I met her it’s like she was reading my mind. She just got me. I’ve had people understand and connect with me. But this was different.

I opened up and cried in front of this girl more in the past 7 days than I have to anyone in the past two years.

Even though I have my best friend, sister, someone to love me! I now know I am never alone! And I will never be alone! Because God is there. He was waiting. He is waiting. He’s waiting for you! He’s calling your name ! He’s screaming your name! Like he did mine His yelled for me “LILLY LILLY! You’re not alone I’m here for you!” And not Matter how many times I just ignored him or betrayed him. He’s there every time. Waiting for me! Waiting for you! So whenever you’re ready He is.

If you’re feeling the way I was.

This is not a “5 step guide to feel good about yourself”

It is me, telling you, about a blessing that God has given me.

I don’t know what’s happening in your life right now,

But God is GOOD.

And God is REAL.

And you need him in your life, or you’re living hopelessly and being Lead astray by confusing, unaccepting, unforgiving worldly ways.

It’s really not that hard to go from feeling how you may be feeling to feeling and being everything you’ve ever wanted to feel and be!

He’s waiting for you!


Check out @joniandersonphoto on Instagram and you’ll find my own and heaps of other different blessings on her page!


List of summer ideas for when you’re bored.

Hope you find these helpful ❤️

First up, Messy twister

2. An escape room, there are some at strike

3. Learn a new skill, for example instruments, dances, sport tricks, skating, makeup… etc.

4. Bonfire and s’mores.

5. The drive ins 🚘, Paintballing, rockclimbing, bowling, laser tag..

6. Weekend getaway to a beach place. It’s expensive, in Australia roughly $600 all cost included, for 5 people.

7. Learn to write with your opposite hand or to mimic someone else’s handwriting

8. Make a day out of hiking/ try new hiking trails

9. Try new desserts, new recipes, new healthy alternatives or healthy shakes.

10. Make a dream journal, after read it and write it as a movie script.

11. Try challenges,

There’s food challenges,

10k calorie challenge.

No added sugar for a week. sports challenges,

Learn to soccer juggle a ball 100 times.

Loose 10kg in a week working out.

Hair, 1 handed pony tail.

and there’s so so much more.

12. Try out new cafès or restaurants

13. Make a music video to your favourite or most hated song

14. Go to a music festival

15. Start a tradition with a friend or relative, for example a show that You only watch when your FaceTiming or together or maybe a once a month shopping spree with them

Comment below for part 2 cause I have many more ideas.

I. need. friends.

I have no friends

I may not need them although I do want them

And I’m not just being dramatic and saying I have no friends because I actually do but they all suck. I don’t even have sucky friends. Because I have none. Yep. None. No friends. Okay I think you get the point. Now let’s make it clear that in no way do I want you to feel sorry for me. Seriously don’t. Honestly I have such a good life and I’m so happy…. but I want people to share it with. You get me ?…. (*okay be prepared for mildly cringe worthy/ cheesy sentences*)

…..People who have a laugh that makes me laugh.

People that will do anything with me.

People I can call at midnight and will go somewhere with me. People who make me feel as though whatever’s going on in the world or my life doesn’t matter, when I’m with them.

They really don’t have to be perfect., when they talk to me they don’t have to sugar coat their words, about me or anyone else. When they talk to me they don’t have to lie and tell me that they’re fine, or try to hide there scars. Mentally or physically. They don’t have to put a hat on because of a bad hair day, or just because they haven’t washed it in a week. They don’t need to cover their zits or eye bags, Neither do they need to hide their insecurities.

I hope they would feel comfortable with me and feel that they can trust me.

I hope they think of me when they just want to get away from the world and have fun.

lol I feel so lonely rn.

Thankyou if you read all of that, thanks for reading out my thoughts .,, if you have any suggestions on blog post as always leave them below x

Your weight will never change if you have this mind set.

Heyy everyone that’s reading. If you’re a reader who is trying or has tried changing your weight and the way your body looks, but somehow you seem to always give up! Maybe you can’t stay motivated. Or maybe you feel as though you’ve tried everything but nothing works…..

Well.. things do work although nothing will work if you don’t have the right mindset.

Are any of these why you want to loose/ gain weight?

you think your fat

you want to make your family or someone else happy

you get bullied or teased about your weight

You think it’s wrong the way your body is

If you are trying to make somebody else proud of you. Or trying to get somebody else to stop bullying you about your weight. And that’s why you’ve tried to “fix” your body.

It won’t work.


Because your not doing want You truly want.

Yes, of course, you want to make them proud.

And Yes, of course, you don’t want them to bully you.

You wouldn’t try to change if you did want that.

But You’re not doing what You truly want, because your trying to do what they want. or change what They hate. about you.

If you beyond doubt wanted to loose weight, you wouldn’t be looking for motivation or inspiration. You’d be dedicated!

If you’re dedicated it’s not a switch. You don’t just jump into it and think you can change all your eating habits or lazy tendencies in one day.


That’s Motivation. And Motivation Fades.

Give it a week or maybe as short as a couple days and As we know the story ends up, with You sitting on the couch, accompanied by 10 chocolate rappers next to you.

This is how you know, it’s not what your heart or mind genuinely wants.

Change your mind set. And this change won’t happen over night.

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on, why if you don’t have the right mindset your weight journey will be extra long. If you want to read a post about how to get dedicated comment bellow! 👇👇

How to/ How I declutter my phone

Sometimes I find going threw my phone, is unorganised or overmealming so once a month or so I go threw it to clear it out. This does take a long time, but you can always do it day by day and it’s worth it in the end.

Clearing all apps.

Start with something simple. For example I’d clear my history and extra unnecessary tabs in safari and or google.

Then I move on to voice memos and old notes.

Next I unsubscribe to You Tube accounts I don’t watch or enjoy anymore also people who haven’t uploaded in over one year. I always miss some so I like to go over them.

Phone contacts, there’s never many I have to delete. Although I always clear the “recent calls” section because they just use up storage.

Same with messages. Especially old ones, you don’t need them! Maybe you think “oh it’s nice to have”, “I like having the memory”. The memory ? If your not going to actually read back and reflect on the texts, you don’t need them. 💛

I also go threw Pinterest and set out the boards properly and try to delete the pins that aren’t needed or relevant anymore.

Snap chat uses more storage than you’d think. It has its own camera roll! Going threw memories and the Snapchat friends list to remove the things you don’t need or want anymore.

The one that we all dread. Camera roll.

What I like to do, is to delete the photos and videos from the albums instead of going threw all of them. I always feel overwhelmed going threw all of the photos. Once that’s done putting all the photos on a USB or in a folder on your laptop or computer save a lot of storage.

Have a clean background. Having a clean background makes the whole screen look more put together. It’s can still have colour and be bright. If your going for a bright colour (red,orange ect) then stick to basics, these type of colours don’t need a complement colour because they say enough for themselves.

If it’s still not enough for you then you can always google and find photos that have the effect of texture on the colour. For example these two….

If you are going for simple colours baby pink, lilac then you can do an ombré effect as either of these do…….


If there’s apps you don’t use that you can’t delete put them all in a folder, mine looks like this…

Also games or social media, put them all into one folder or even separate folders. Example….. for Instagram editing, inspiration apps or whatever else you can think of.

If there is any apps that I missed, go threw them! Decluttering your phone isn’t always easy, but it’s a must. I hope that now, you have some new tips to clear out your phone!

5 days of unique yummy drinks! (Dairy free & gluten free)

This is a collab!! I’m really excited for this collab with Natalie, we had so much fun working together and helping each other out threw the Process. Go follow her and check out her blog!!!

Lets get started !

Blackberry layered smoothie:

This one is my favourite! I actually don’t like to eat blackberries on there own….although in this smoothie I love them!!

What you need:

I actually used almond milk not soy milk, but I didn’t realise I put soymilk in the picture. Whoopsies…

Bottom layer,

• 1/2 cup of ALMOND milk…😬😂

• 1/4 of soy life vanilla yogurt

• 6 blackberries

• 1 table spoon of grains

• 1 table spoon of crushed or shredded coconut

Top layer,

• 3/4s of vanilla soy life yogurt

• 4-7 blackberries

• 2 & 1/2 table spoons of grains

• 2 & 1/2 table spoons of crushed or shredded coconut

Tea at its finest:

If you don’t like sweet tea then you most likely will not enjoy this.

This tea is indescribably fabulous! Drinking this tea is a if I’m drinking a watermelon or strawberry (depending on flavour of tea). I don’t need to add anything, no sugar, no honey, Nada!

Yes you don’t necessarily “diy” the tea but you can add it to your smoothies or have it as ice tea and more!

Banut choc smoothie:

My banut choc smoothie I thought I would never like, but as soon as I tasted it i I couldn’t get enough!

What you need:

• 3/4 cup of milk 🥛

• Almond nuts (I just wing it)

• 1 small banana or half a banana 🍌

• roughly 3 tea spoons of shredded or crushed coconut

• roughly 3 trap spoons of milo

Strawberry mix smoothie:

This may look a little empty…. well my blender exploded sooo. Yeh. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

My strawberry mix smoothie may be similar to my blackberry layered smoothie. But they have a completely different taste and I love them both!

What you need:

• 3/4 cup of soy milk

• 1 full or 1/2 soy life yogurt container

• As many strawberries you wish, My preference is 4

• Same goes for the apple, I like to use 1/2 of a medium to big apple

• 1/4 cup of grains

• 1/4 cup of shredded or crushed coconut

Tips :

If you like a little crunch in your smoothie you can always add the coconut or crushed grains after you’ve blended the smoothie.

If you don’t enjoy soy flavoured things you can always replace it with coconut milk, full cream milk, and any other milk. Same with the yogurt.

These are the “grains” I’m mentioning…

I hope you loved these drinks and reading my thoughts on a few of them. Try them out they’re delicious! (Lt me know if you do try them) Don’t forget to go check out Natalie’s blog and follow her on insta! 💛💛

Unheard of Health Habits!

Heyyy, I’m sorry if this isn’t what you came here for because, No. this won’t be a normal Healthy Habits “drink water”, “get good sleep”, “eat clean”, although these are important things we should all keep up with, the following are “Heathy Habits” for your mind, I’m sharing with you some healthy habits you may not think of or do daily.


Be kind to yourself. Have you ever notice yourself having self doubt or self discouragement?

Or maybe you don’t notice when you’re doing it, thinking those thoughts, but you’ve thought them you realise.?

…..Well if you notice your self doing it. Stop. Take a moment and remind yourself you don’t need to give in to those thoughts. If you notice after the fact, after you have discouraged yourself, then remind yourself of something you love about You. Then set a goal to improve that, and you won’t even be thinking about what YOU believe you’re not good enough for.

I emphasise on the “you” Because, just because you believe you “can’t” or “will never be”, doesn’t mean you can’t/ won’t.


Be productive. Yes. I know you want to relax and rest. But there’s a difference between resting and procrastinating. Set yourself up in an environment that your can and will be ready to work or plan.

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life” – Charles Darwin


Read the word. Always remember you GET TO, not HAVE TO, but get to read the bible. Reading the bible isn’t a chore it’s a blessing. Read to build your relationship with God, Read so God can spread his word threw you, Read so you can understand Him and what he’s responding or asking of you more.

I can make a whole blog post explaining the importance of this and how it Benefits you. Let me know if you want it. 💛


Appreciate out loud. So I’m sure you’ve all seen or read a post about healthy habits and they all say to be great full. And Yes, I believe to be great full for everything no matter how small. The next step, is to voice your gratitude. Let your mum, dad, brother, neighbour, bestie, know what you’re feeling, show them! Your don’t have to spend money, just write a card, take time for yourselves. If you keep showing them how great fully out are, they will soon do the same.


Write. Write down your thoughts, your ideas, your anxiety’s, your questions.

If you do this you’ll see your thinking on the page or screen. You’ll understand more. You will notice your thinking habits more, do you think about doubt, jealousy, great fullness? Or do you make a lot of judgments? Well all of it, All of it, you can reflect and improve.

These were the 5 Habits you need to remember. I hope you enjoyed reading out my thoughts on why these “healthy habits” are so important. 💛